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Glamour Alchemy 

Glamour Alchemy Workshops and Programs

“The glamour alchemy concept introduction- … people, actors, performers anyone wanting to enhance or develop the skill of charisma and personal presentation. Alinging our inner selves with our out ward message and expression. kkzakzakza 

We have then since had guest instructors and continually expand on what it means to use glamour to alchemize many facets of our human experience ….


We guide you on infighting your senses and indulge in the art of enjoyment.

  • Glamour Alchemy Workshops Online :  

Feb 24 Saturday 11pm-1am Cairo time 

  • 6 week Glamour Alchemy Online Group Coaching program: 

Sundays March 24-,31,apr 7, 21,28, May,12,  11pm Cairo time

Over 6 weeks we meet online once weekly 90mins course 30 mins questions/ insights/collaboration as well as share insights and daily affirmations and activities in a what’s app group/ Facebook group?

  • Wk one intro the opening - create your personal pantheon gather your character 

  • Wk 2 The senses: Touch, Sight, Taste, smell - create a texture , color and refine your color pallet- indulge in daily- coolers of your food 

  • Wk 3 colours & cuts - using fashion/ image to enhance your charisma and align your inner self

  • Wk 4- The body - movement, postural awareness physical presentation - eating for power

  • Wk 5-Shadow / Parts work 

  • Wk 6 Summary the closing 

Download free mini work book here

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