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Personal or Group Coaching/ Consultation

Life coaches help with goal setting, career transitions, confidence, relationships, habits, time management, stress, and personal growth. See how we can help you level up your relationship, mindset and habits. Our team can also provide Image consulting or personal styling to align your inner world with your outer expression.



Certified Mindvalley Life Coach 

Step into your authentic self and radiate charisma with a certified Mindvalley life coach. Reframe your boundaries and make the most of your precious hours. Schedule a personalized life coaching session and start your transformation today.


Happiness Coaching

Experience the transformative power of group happiness coaching with Happiitude Global. Elevate your personal or corporate happiness levels and unleash your team's full potential. Join us and redefine happiness together


Image Consulting / Personal Styling 

Elevate your Image and redefine your public presentation. Experienced personalized consulting to align your inner world with your outer presentation. Refine your wardrobe, body language, gestures and posture to step into the fabulous person you know you are.

Book an Appointment

Choose from our website's offerings or collaborate with us to design your own custom growth program."

Hi nice to meet you, my name is Nawal,

I'm a life long artist with a very intricate and diverse  professional life,  a Certified Mindvalley Life coach and a Happiness coach through Hapittude International. I made the move  in to "life coaching" after years of being a Yoga, dance and Movement teacher as well as a consultant and coach for dancers and artists.  wanting to bring more depth and transformation to my clients experience, I invested deeper in my own transformation. Im super excite to meet and work with you, let's dive deep and get intense. I have coached artists for stage for many years on all aspects of presentation, from posture, to costume and choreography. I am passionate to understand your vision and help you bring it from your brain to the material world.

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