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Embody through dance and movement

Structured yet intuitive movement classes to help you embody the playful feminine energy of bellydance or the masculine and strong presentation of Folk Dance Our creative classes can be delivered 1:1 to individuals looking to deep dive specific goals or to groups as workshops or weekly series on a selection of unique topics. Our movement classes focus on safe anatomy, breath and movement awareness and creative exploration.

Sahara Desert

Danse Orientale 


Basic belly dance dance technique and geometry. From beginner to advanced levels. Musicality, choreography development, Stylization, cultural context and Egyptian folklore.

BLANK whirling magic.jpg
BLANK whirling magic.jpg

Tannoura | Whirling

Learn the mystic art of Tannoura/ Whirling.

We explore deep centering and core activation practice with  exercises to stabilize balance. Then learn turning techniques and foot patterns to access  this ancient method of moving meditation.

It is believed and practiced in many cultures, from the famous poet Rumi and Whirling Dervishes, to Tibetan Monks to different Wiccan/Pagan sects that Whirling or turning can bring the body in to harmonious balance with our swirling universe. Find a moment of stillness in the chaos.  It is studied that practitioners experience good balance, healing and a spiritual Oneness. 

Nawal has studied and practiced Tanoura for 15 years with teachers from Egypt. Join her for an upcoming workshop February 4th ONLINE:

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Sand Dunes

Glamour Alchemy:
Body Language  | Persona Embodiment | Charisma

Learn control over your outward presentation and expression by learning about basic body language. from work presentations to time stage control and awareness of our body language will refine and strengthen your message.

Sand Dunes

Creative Movement

If your are an adult who wishes they could simply move more freely and would like to move with more confidence generally.

 Learn Basic dance language and standard warm up transferable to any style dance class.  Get to know how to work with your unique strength and limitations and move with was and grace in to the future.

Modern Dancers

Book a Lesson

Get in to your body with a focused yet intuitive movement class to help you fully embody your life.


Nawal El Tememi 

Nawal is an award winning multimedia artist , Lifestyle and Creativity Consultant, Movement Specialist and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance.


Nawal began teaching Yoga and Belly Dance in her community in 2010 and since has toured internationally teaching Yoga and Dance as an assistant to Suhaila Salimpour of Salimpour Institute in Berkeley, California. She has worked with a myriad of demographics from children to seniors, rock and rollers to private detectives and has earned the designation of "Experienced Yoga Teacher" (E-RYT) by teaching over 1000 hours.


Nawal's  dance foundations are in Salimpour Format Bellydance, which includes precise muscular isolations and knowledge of anatomy, musicality and character work. Nawal has also studied contemporary dance,  Ballet, Afro and Afro-House.  Her passion lies in the folkloric dance of Egypt such as Tannoura (whirling), and Upper Egypt Thattheeb or Cane dance for thier grounding qualities and aesthetic beauty.

She believes that the connections to our body through something enjoyable as dance is healing and hope to help as many people as possible experience this as well.

She has toured the world as a performance artist with meditative mantra doom band Zaum, and taught dance, yoga and creativity & charisma workshops across Canada, USA, Europe and Egypt.

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Walaa | Cairo, Egypt

"I did many dancing classes before but didn't experience how friendly & cozy Nawal is. 
I took her private classes and I enjoyed every minute with her; she helped me indirectly with my breath technique, she explains every single move or technique. She's very talented & has her own styling. I definitely recommend her for everyone who needs to explore more about dancing."
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