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1:1 Developmental Programs

Our personalized programs are designed to guide you on the transformative journey of your choice. They all lead to self-discovery and growth, just in different ways. Choose a program that resonates with your needs, goals, and aspirations!


Movement Master | Mindvalley Life Coach | Artist

Nawal is an artist with 16 years under her belt as an international performance artist and yoga instructor. Trained by the world's finest, Suhaila Salimpoor, Nawal is a master of movement and the body. As a perveyor of mystic and modern wisdom, she lives as a testament to the sweeter parts of life, and now teaches others to do the same.

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Shadow Worker | Mystic

Fahimah is a scholar with a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Research, combining academic expertise with cultural insights gained through years of global exploration. Wholeheartedly dedicated to addressing life's challenges, she empowers individuals and communities by facilitating transformation, driven by a commitment to knowledge and empathy.

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