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California 2024 

Hi California friends, Have a look at what I'll be bringing to you "Straight Outta Cairo".

I have 2 options to come to you this year Early July or Late August. With the following Workshop Offerings. I'll Be based in the Bay Area, and Santa Cruz. Or if any other American friends are interested in Workshops in your area Hollaa.. 

Check this Link to see Workshop Descriptions: LINK

Offering Straight Outta Upper Egypt, or my Signature "Bad Girl" Cane Combos.


The Mystic Art of Whirling;Often associated with Sufi practices I demystify the mystic and break down how to integrate this transcendental practice in to your movement repertoire... workshop details HERE


Straight Outta Cairo 

Straight Outta Cairo can be tailored to your audience group using Lectures about my experience as a dancer and artist living in Cairo for the past 3 years.  We can do Dance combos highlighting what's hot in the streets with the locals, banging playlists and as well as cultural context for western dancers trying to understand the birth place of bellydance. 


This 200 hour training, registered with Yoga Alliance is mixed curriculum Hatha/Yin and is designed to set you up with a strong foundation towards becoming a professional yoga teacher.  It is offered through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous Online sessions and one in person 5 day workshop. 

If enough interest I will be offering the 5 day intensive in California, and then you complete the rest of the training online. See details HERE


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