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How I Found My Whirling Passion: A Journey of Movement and Motherhood: Whirling 1

As a child, spinning in a chair or whirling in circles until dizziness overtook me was just an adrenaline seeking activity —an innocent exploration of movement. But it wasn't until much later that I truly found a connection with this kind of movement.

After the birth of my daughter, I stumbled upon a moment of unexpected discovery. It was a typical day, and my daughter, not yet a year old, was taking those tentative little steps, experimenting with balance and movement while holding onto the edges of tables. I decided to play some lively children's music from a CD someone had given us, and as the joyful tunes filled the room, something remarkable happened.

As the music played, my daughter, standing by the table, tilted her head, and without warning, let go of the table's edge. She began to move counterclockwise, taking small steps with an air of curiosity and joy. It was as if the music and the movement had created a whimsical connection, and in that moment, she was whirling, exploring a new dimension of movement and sensation.

This unexpected experience with my daughter led me to explore whirling on a deeper level. I found that within this simple act of spinning, there was a wellspring of emotion, a rush of freedom, and a connection to a long-forgotten childhood joy. In the photo to the left I am performing for a Cultural event in Canada and my daughter joined in as part of the act.

Whirling helped me reconnect with the uninhibited, carefree spirit of childhood. It became more than just a physical expression; it was a profound journey into the essence of movement and emotion, a rediscovery of the joy of being in the moment and dancing with life.

Since that moment, whirling has become a part of my life—a reminder of the joy and spontaneity that can be found in the simplest of movements. It's a celebration of the playful, the innocent, and the unyielding joy that resides within us all.

Now, as I embrace the art of whirling, I carry with me the memory of that precious moment with my daughter, a reminder that sometimes, the most profound experiences come from the simplest of movements, and joy can be found in the most unexpected places.

In the whirl of life, we can find moments that fill us with wonder, moments that connect us to our true selves, and moments that remind us of the beauty of being alive. Whirling has become my dance of joy—a dance that encompasses the essence of being, and a dance that continues to inspire and uplift me in the most delightful ways.

I hope you can join me for my upcoming Workshops, one live in New Cairo, Saturday February 3rd and Online February 4th 11pm Cairo time

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Nisho Ntr
Nisho Ntr
07 בינו׳

Thank you for sharing, Love the story and totally agree with you: “the most profound experiences come from the simplest of movements”.

Looking forward for the upcoming workshop in Cairo.

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