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Our Services

Multi-dimensional Holistic Approach

We recognize you as a multifaceted and unique individual- 

our holistic approach embraces the many facets of your humanity and provides a holistic approach to helping you move forward in to your best self.  



  • 1:1 / Group Yoga classes

  • Yoga Teacher Certification

A holistic approach to yoga both yin yoga and hatha yoga which focusses on building connection with the body.  


  • Egyptian folkloric dance

  • Creativity Consulting 

Trained by Salimpour School, and a world renowned performer, Nawal focusses on revival of Egyptian folkoric dance through a systematic approach uncommon to the modern Middle East.


  • Nutrition Mentorship

  • Plant-based Mentorship

Transform your relationship with food and learn how to nurture your body for high physical performance while maintaining taste, culture, and comfort.


Shadow Work

  • Integration Work

  • Shadow Work

With occult techniques and psychological knowledge, Fahimah guides clients to finding positive resolution by working through life's darker side.


  • Tarot & Oracle

  • Life-Purpose Astrology

A person-centered approach to finding your path, receiving guidance, and connecting with the metaphysical.

Lifestyle Consultation

  • Life Coaching

  • Creativity Consultation

With a Mind-valley Life Coaching certification and 15 years as a professional artist under her belt, Nawal helps bring out clients' hidden potential through coaching and mentorship.



  • Transcendental Meditation

  • Guided Visualisations

Tap into the power of your mind and regulate your somatic system through our guided meditations, or learn about yourself through introspective visualisation.


Our team is internationally-based and offer different in-person services in different locations. 


This year's tour dates:


  • Dubai, February 24-28

  • Cairo, March-May

  • Berkeley,California June 22-July 19

  • Portland, Oregon, USA June 28-July 2

  • Vancouver, Canada, July 20-Aug 3


  • Lahore, March-April

  • Istanbul, April

  • Vancouver, May onwards

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